About me

Welcome to my multiverse world of multiple possibilities. Bundled in one homepage you will find some things that make me, that are important to me, that I passionately pursue and that I bring to life. I am glad about your visit here and I am happy if I may be helpful to you with one of my colourful spheres.
You have a wish or even already an idea for something new, a change or a project and are looking for someone to help you work out the solution? I offer you an individual and creative concept for a wide variety of topics and budgets. Many of my created solutions I can implement myself, means create and build. If this is not possible for me, I will support you in finding the right contact person.

My backround

I am a trained technician for chemical technology and an industrial salesman. On top of that, I have acquired more knowledge and skills in other areas over the years through self-tuition based on my interests and passions. I love to create, develop plans and find solutions. I see the problems, the things that need to be done to make things better.

Please do not hesitate to contact me